EVENT: Community Mural

Feeling artsy? A new community mural is going up at Coxwell and Danforth in Toronto’s east end. Throughout the month of September, you can join East End Arts and acclaimed artist Sean Martindale to help create an engaging piece to reflect the neighborhood’s ongoing transformations. No experience is necessary to get involved!

Check out the Facebook event page and website for more information!





Community Wealth Building: The Prosperous Province

A great collaborative series was recently released by University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre and the Atkinson Foundation titled “The Prosperous Province”. The research paper duo takes a look at case studies in Toronto and elsewhere to explore two model strategies for community wealth building: anchor institutions and community benefit agreements. Find the reports online:

Nevena Dragicevic on Anchor Institutions


Andrew Galley on Community Benefit Agreements 

Don’t have time to read the full reports? Check out the Mowat Centre’s “Too Long; Didn’t Read” post on social procurement. Nevena Dragicevic gives you the run-down on its potential for Toronto’s Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy:

“One of Toronto’s most powerful tools to address poverty is also the most overlooked”