The Public Good Initiative (PGI) is a pro bono policy consulting organization located in the City of Toronto. We match our talented consultants from the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance with community organizations looking to benefit from our policy-based consulting services.

The PGI is currently led by four directors: Laura Asta, Sarah D’Onofrio, Alexandra Izgerean and Kristen Young.

The PGI’s mission is to make a positive contribution to the policy capacity of the not-for-profit sector.

The PGI stems from the recognition that:

• Graduate students of the School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) have valuable skills, unique insights, and a commitment to applying their expertise outside the classroom.
• There are many organizations (especially non-for-profits) in the community that require increased policy and research capacity to achieve their organizational objectives.

The mission of the PGI is to make a positive contribution to the policy and research capacity of not-for-profit organizations. The PGI seeks to develop creative solutions with public value to real-world problems. Consulting teams offer recommendations and reports that are grounded in a specialized knowledge of public policy making and analysis.

Our clients are socially-minded, and often not-for-profit, organizations that are looking for creative solutions to issues such as:

• project design, management and implementation of policy;
• internal governance and regulations; and
• other policy challenges.

They are also interested in engaging in hands-on work with our consultants.

The projects are typically 6-8 months in duration and based on teams of 2-4 students. Each team commits approximately 2-4 hours per week over the project duration. Consultants work closely with both small and large not-for-profit organizations that are active in various policy areas, ranging from health to education to environmental issues. Since its inception in 2008, the PGI has partnered with over 40 different client organizations including:

    • BC Centre for Social Enterprise
    • Business for the Arts
    • Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs
    • Canadian Council on Work and Rehabilitation
    • Canadian Doctors for Medicare
    • Centre for Equality in Accommodation Rights
    • Centre for Social Innovation
    • CivicAction
    • Counterpoint
    • Fred Victor
    • Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
    • Frontline Partners for Youth Network
    • Journalists for Human Rights
    • Korean Canadian Women’s Association
    • Margret’s Housing and Community Support Services
    • Maytree Foundation
    • Meal Exchange
    • Mennonite New Life Centre
    • Mid-Toronto Community Services
    • Not Far From The Tree
    • Ontario Association of Food Banks
    • Ontario Non-Profit Network
    • Patients’ Association of Canada
    • People for Education
    • Project Work
    • Samara
    • Schools for the Children of the World
    • Schools without Borders
    • School for Social Entrepreneurs
    • Sierra Youth Coalition
    • Social Assets Measurement
    • Social Investment Organization
    • Summerhill
    • The Philanthropist (The Agora Foundation)
    • The Sage Center
    • The Stop Community Food Centre
    • The Tapscott Group
    • Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness
    • Toronto Atmospheric Fund
    • Toronto Arts Foundation
    • Toronto City Summit Alliance
    • Toronto East General Hospital
    • Toronto Street Food Vendors Association
    • Toronto Local Immigration Partnership Network
    • Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation
    • United Way
    • University Settlement
    • Vancouver Native Housing Association
    • Neptis Foundation
    • Waterloo Region Health Communities Coalition
    • WomenatthecentrE
    • WoodGreen Community Services
    • YWCA

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